Shopping centre Analytics

Leverage your existing CCTV to generate
2.0 Footfall data at unit level
Exhaustive (+98%), accurate and GDPR compliant

Pilotez vos points de vente

 Start with the beginning: your visitors.
Use simple 2.0 Footfall KPI to enhance your mall.
Indoor & outdoor, day & night


2.0 counting

Footfall, In/out, all qualified with gender, individual/group, group of ages, shopping cart


Unit level granularity

Get the insights you need to help each tenants individually


Complete pattern

Chose wisely your mix of brands by measuring correlations between them

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 Any IP camera, in toughest conditions:
any angle, distance, crowd density or light

Précision et exhaustivité

Sharp and exhaustive

50cm precision
exhaustivity above 98%
Anonymous, real time, GDPR compliant

Capteur connecté

Access everywhere

Access your dashboards from everywhere on any device
Use our API to enrich your CRM

Plug and Play

Plug and play

We can ingest data from any VMS or directly from cameras

 Smart decisions with KPI based on
Digeiz 2.0 Footfall and your business data

Accédez aux indicateurs standards

Import business Data

Combine Footfall and business data to unleash the power of AI analysis

Analysez les comportements

Compare and enhance

Deploy Digeiz on multiple shopping centres to start global optimization

Personnalisez vos données

Generate custom reports

Define and save the reports you need and receive them by email automatically